Dreams do come true


After being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, Ayshah opened her own business to make extra money and to help others achieve their goals of professional growth and entrepreneurship. Battling an autoimmune disease has not been easy task for Ayshah. She unfortunately experienced serious health complications with caused her to undergoe multiple surgeries and made her very ill. Juggling an illness, while also being a mother, a wife, an employee and a business owner, has been her reality for many years. Thankfully, Ayshah had faith, a goal, and a great support system to help her during the healing process.. Ayshah was determined to never give up on her calling to help her community. She practices work-life balance technique.

Ayshah, created Executive Business Services, a woman-owned small company, where she travels providing training, guidance and resources to career professionals and new entrepreneurs, teaching them how to follow their dreams. Ayshah has mentored over 350 students/clients during her training sessions, via her business course & seminars in Northern, VA, particularly Fairfax County & Loudoun County, VA ; expanding her network to over 300 business associates in the first 2 years of operation.

Ayshah wants to help you achieve your business and career goals. Isn't time to schedule a meeting to develop your plan?

About the Owner

Ayshah Price is a native to Loudoun County, VA and has lived in VA for 40 plus years. Her family has an extensive history, due to professional sports, the U.S. Armed Forces, the U.S. Federal Government & Loudoun County Public Schools. She attended high school at Park View High School in Sterling, VA under Principal John Pearson. Ayshah choose to enter the workforce while simultaneously seeking her education in Northern, Virginia. Ayshah has over 20 years of professional expertise working in the fields of finance, government, administration, banking, accounting, training, and education. She is a Federal Government retiree, and has an extensive career working for Fortune 500 companies like America Online, Washington-Dulles International Airport, & Navy Federal Credit Union. She obtained her Business Degree in Accounting and a Master’s Degree in Business Marketing. Ayshah continually educates herself, by pursuing a Ph.D. in Management. Ayshah is happily married wife & mother; she enjoys traveling and resides with her family.

In her spare time Additionally, Ayshah is a business mentor for the Academies of Loudoun, S.T.E.M. program. She is an active member for academic enrichment programs within Loudoun County Public schools like M.S.A.A.C., Excellent Options, D.E.C.A., Minority Student Unions and the Academies of Science. Currently she teaches seminars and partners with local companies and agencies.

The importance of SMART GOALS

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